Dry Hands: Simple Remedies to Care for Dry Skin

As news of the coronavirus spread continues now more than ever it’s important to get your handwashing game on point. But all that handwashing can lead to dry, itchy hands with painful cracked skin. So what do you do? Well our experts share their tips on how to manage and heal those dry, cracked hands.


Frequent hand washing, while necessary, can strip your hands of the natural oils necessary to protect your skin. That’s why a good moisturizer is your best friend. The greasier the better. Try petroleum jelly, it provides a protective barrier to the skin. Make sure you reapply after washing to prevent your skin from getting dehydrated again.

Use Gentle Hand Cleansers:

Soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizers and dishwashing liquid exacerbate dry skin, so stick with a gentle cleanser when you can. Also, avoid hot water and limit the time you spend bathing and showering because heat is drying too.

Wear Gloves:

If you are dealing with dry hands from overwashing it is important to shield your hands from further damage that could be caused when using home cleaning products. So, always wear gloves when you are cleaning around the house. Wear cotton lined rubber gloves for any wet work. At night slather your hands with a rich moisturizer and wear cotton gloves. Once a week, treat your hands to spa-caliber pampering, with Hand & Nail Mask Gloves. Infused with Argan Oil, Collagen, and Vitamin E, these babies help rehab the driest, roughest skin.

Call in the big guns:

If skin gets really cracked, inflamed or irritated, call your doctor or dermatologist for advice.

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